openEPDA Overview

About openEPDA

openEPDA™ is a collection of open standards to be used in electronic-photonic design automation. These include definition of data interchange formats to facilitate Foundry PDK distribution and easier simulation and measurement data exchange between the parties involved in the PIC design chain.

openEPDA structure

openEPDA standards are split in three parts based on their target usage in EPDA:

  1. ::General purpose standards

    These standards are intended to be used for multiple purposes in both PDK and measurement / simulation definitions.

    1. data serialization format (openEPDA data format);

    2. analytic expression format (Analytic Expression Format);

    3. vocabulary of standard terms (under development).

  2. Foundry PDK

    These standards cover the data to be provided by the foundries for PDK definition.

    1. foundry technology including mask layers, cross-sections (under development);

    2. foundry building blocks (openEPDA uPDK ™ Blocks);

    3. standard interconnects (openEPDA interconnects).

  3. Measurement / circuit simulation definitions

    1. chip description (openEPDA CDF format);

    2. netlist format (under development);

    3. measurement description (openEPDA MDF format);

    4. equipment API for python (under development).

Reference implementation

We have developed an openepda python package, which includes validators for the above formats, as well as file readers / writers.


openEPDA is a trademark of TU/e and PITC. openEPDA is maintained by TU/e and PITC. The full list of contributors is listed on the About openEPDA page. Authors and copyright for specific standards are provided on the corresponding pages.